Visual artist working with Acrylic Paint, Watercolors, Collage, Pen and Ink, and Computer Illustration.
Providence, RI
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Jan 18th
5:30pm to 8:30pm
Art of a King: A Martin Luther King Jr. Open House
@Dryden Art Gallery
Jan 30th
5:30pm to 7pm
The Narrative Image
@City Arts
Latest News - 09/06/09 - Well clearly, this news is way over due for an update! As most of you probably know, I moved from Philly back to Providence, RI in 2007. A lot has changed for me since my move back here, and although some of these changes have been painful, hopefully it is all for the best. To look on the bright side, a lot of this pain and heartbreak has been expressed in my art and I guess as an artist, what more could you ask for?! One of my favorite Cuban artist friends, Raffael Diaz, even compared some of my newer work to that of Frida Kahlo, in the sense that he could feel the pain I was in from viewing it. Most recently, I have continued to paint and exhibit. My favorite exhibits are the ones with my Latino artist friends, who are such a talented group. I feel so honored to show my work with theirs, and it is so inspirational for me. I am still doing social work, visiting children and families, mostly Latino, in the state of Rhode Island, and also doing therapy out of the office.

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